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Measure The Value of Coaching

This is one of the shortest videos in the series, but it could be the one you are most interested to watch. 

Coaching sessions can be sponsored by your employer or you can invest personally. Either way it's important that the value and benefit from the coaching sessions are tangible and actionable. 

Zia Savel explains how to measure the value you gain from coaching and how to reach an agreement on what success looks like with your coach and sponsor. The secret is to have these conversations before the coaching sessions even begin. 

Video Transcript

Jude: Companies, especially if they're sponsoring individuals to be coached, they're expecting a lot more from their executive coaching partners.

They need to demonstrate measurable value. How do you approach that in your business?

Zia: So it's really important for my business to do this. And it's really to say we could set up coaching and go off on a tangent, so staying focused is managed by having a sponsor engagement meeting. So, meet with a person, the leader or HR, whoever is sponsoring the coaching programme alongside the client, the coachee, the person who's going to be coached, and make some high-level objectives to agree in advance. Then we can go off and do the coaching, keeping in check with these objectives throughout and at the end of the coaching programme, come back to do that sponsor re-engagement again.

Back to either line manager, HR, both sometimes and the client and myself. At this point, we're really cautious of confidentiality and not breaching it. We can talk about themes or we can talk about approaches. And really, I leave that down to the client, the coachee, to share what they're comfortable with in that environment. But the measure of have we looked at leadership, have we looked at business performance? Those are the things that we can measure with metrics.

Jude: How long, is there a typical number of sessions that you would conduct or that you would have? Or is there a programme that you work through? How does the process actually work?

Zia: Yes. There's a range of options depending on the need, depending on the commitment that the organisation or the individual needs to work through. There are packages available where you can work through a three-month package or a six-month package, or there's a retainer option as well.

So if you know the people in your business want to have coaching, but not commit to one person for six months, the retainer offers coaching on demand, which is a quick turnaround because it's already in place, and that allows coaching then to become part of the culture.