Market Mapping

Avoid expensive mistakes with market intelligence on your ideal executive profile

No More
Guess Work

Market mapping removes hunches and guess work about the quality and availability of executive talent. It’s a talent assessment process for employers who want to make better hiring decisions, lower cost and improve quality.

By assessing the market before committing to a specific role you are setting the ground work for a really good recruitment outcome.

  • Set realistic hiring objectives by clarifying whether the candidate you hope to hire actually exists!
  • Identify all the potential executive profiles for a specific role without alerting the market or your competitors.
  • Understand where “top talent” is currently employed and competitor tactics for recruitment and retention.
  • Create job profiles and personal specifications based on an understanding of skills availability.

Data Gathering

Gather Market

The results of market mapping impact business development, hiring tactics, remuneration and even role remit.

Our data gathering process includes:

  • Analysis of the executive candidate pool – size, location, average salary, market demand, skills availability and candidate expectations.
  • Details on competitor hires, hiring practice and incentives to attract top talent.
  • Assessment of what available talent is suitable for your executive vacancy within the context of the current business environment.

Business Planning

Market mapping is often used by employers with big ambitions, such as a strategy to diversify or expand into new markets or locations. Making an assessment of executive talent is also widely used for leadership succession planning.

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