Non-Executive Directors

Bring on board a different perspective to help you succeed


Business owners are constantly juggling issues and demands. A non-executive director will hold your management to account, continually bringing their attention back to key performance indicators and business performance.

Experience and advice

Non-executive directors bring their career of experience and learning to your organisation. Tap into their knowledge, emotional intelligence and network. Gain value from a personal relationship which can develop from business advisor to guide and mentor.

Future focused

Committed to your business for the longer term, non-executive directors support you through periods of change and uncertainty – times when you need strategic guidance the most.

Affordable investment

Non-executive directors receive a fee which reflects their time commitment and responsibilities. With an average commitment of 24 days per year, it’s an opportunity for you to access the expertise of senior executives at a fraction of the full time rate of pay.

Strengthen your business by embracing diverse thinking and impartial objectivity.

Non-executive directors are disruptors.

Part of their purpose is to constructively challenge CEOs, business owners and senior management. Bringing a different perspective, they destroy “group thinking” and stimulate healthy debate which can lead to new ways of tackling issues and solving problems.

Cross Sector Knowledge

A different perspective can often come from working outwith your specific industry or sector. We consider the style of strategic leadership you’re looking for as well as the skills, knowledge and experience, to provide a short list of talented people from a variety of backgrounds.

Your Non-Executive Career

Thorough Approach

Appointing board members is a serious business and we adopt the same high standards and rigorous process for executive and non-executive roles.

When you decide to add diversity through non-executive director appointments we search beyond the mainstream for talented people who will stimulate and support.

  • Enjoy diverse, stimulating work that has purpose and enhances your career.
  • Access a pipeline of assignments that match your personal priorities and aspirations.
  • Assignments range across industries from innovative start-ups to established firms with a global portfolio.
  • Benefit from payroll management for all your assignments.
  • Grow your professional network.
Talk With Us

It’s never too early to consider your non-executive career.

Pressure on boards to become more diverse in terms of skills, backgrounds, age and gender is creating stimulating non-executive roles. We’d love to hear from you if you’re ready to bring your unique professional background and experience to a non-executive role.

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