Leadership development

Identify potential and enhance performance with psychometric assessment and coaching

Make the right choice

Look beyond the CV. Combining personality and behaviour assessments with structured interviews ensures you make a job offer based on data and insight.

Objective and fair

Remove unconscious bias and demonstrate you are a fair employer. Assessment results enrich feedback to applicants and support hiring decisions based on role fit. Cultivate a productive and diverse workforce.

Unlock Potential

Identify leadership potential and create succession plans based on productive development conversations with your employees, rather than a “next in line” approach.

Team Performance

Support managers by revealing how to communicate more effectively with their line reports. Simple insights will also reveal how teams in your business can work better together and successfully adapt in the future.

Why Personality And Behaviour Matters

Personality assessment helps to predict how good a match an executive is for a specific role, and identify leadership potential. But success also depends on how well they’ll fit in with your team and that’s assessed by exploring their preferred behaviours and communication style.

Our assessment partner is Thomas International. The tools are validated and optimised for workplace applications and every assessment report is explained during a 1:1 meeting with our inhouse accredited practitioners, Amanda and Steve.

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Personality Assessment

High Performance Trait Indicator (HPTI)

Good leadership takes many different forms and styles so it’s important to identify leadership potential objectively, identifying what might make a person succeed or fail.

Understanding someone’s personality and how this interacts in a particular function or role enables you to develop their strengths and areas for improvement, so they reach their full potential.

  • HPTI has many applications in your business because it identifies, manages and develops strong leadership.
  • HPTI explores 6 personality traits: Competitiveness, Curiosity, Conscientiousness, Risk Approach, Adjustment and Ambiguity Acceptance.
  • Completed online in under 10 minutes, executives indicate their level of agreement on a Likert scale (disagree completely to agree completely) with 78 unique items
  • There are no right or wrong answers. Interrogation of trait levels can indicate the potential to succeed.
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Behaviour Assessment

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

With an appreciation for preferred behaviour style you can evaluate team fit and understand how to support, motivate and engage the executive.

The PPA report also includes questions designed to assist an interviewer gain a deeper understanding of strengths, limitations and behavioural style.

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  • Based on Marston’s DISC theory, PPA provides information on an executive’s fears, motivators, values and behaviour styles.
  • Completed online in under 8 minutes, executives are asked to select one adjective which describes them most and one which describes them least. This is repeated 24 times.
  • Immediately available insights detail strengths, communication style, soft skills and behaviour under pressure.
Develop Future-Fit Leaders

Develop Future-Fit Leaders

Coaching can elicit incredible personal development because you are placed at the centre of the learning process. Highly relevant to performance at work its success relies upon rapport and complementary fit between coach and executive.

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